Picture taken in 2018 when I was a Bar Part II student.

Want to get to know me better? Well, here are ten random facts about me. Enjoy!

1. I don’t have an English name. Well, officially though.

2. I have cute bow legs that give me beautiful walking steps. Hehehehehehehe.

3. Paul’s Epistles are my favorite books of the Bible.

4. I don’t like dogs. In fact, pets generally. I like cats though, but only when they are still kittens. They are very cute and furry.

5. I’ll rather stay at home all day with a good book or lie on my bed daydreaming than go for a party. (yes I can be that boring, lol).

6. While growing up, I initially wanted to be a pediatrician, then later a teacher before I finally settled for law.

7. I’m not a fan of soups and swallow. I can stay for two months without taking any swallow.

8. I love mission outreaches, Kai! It is one of my consuming passions.

One of my missionary journeys to Moba Island in 2019. Don’t mind the tired look on my face, Lol. The journey was faaaaaaar!
Another missionary outreach in Ugbawka village in 2018 with the most amazing team.

9. I have a sweet tooth so I eat a whole lot of junks, with biscuits as my favorite.

10. Comedy, Drama and Romance are my favorite genres. I hate action, suspense or horror genres.

Hope you know me a little more now. Thanks for reading!

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